Dr. Davide Oppo
Pioneer Production Endowed Professor of Geology

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I joined the School of Geosciences at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette as an Assistant Professor in August 2018. Before moving to Louisiana I was a Lecturer in at the University of Aberdeen (UK). I completed a postdoc at the University of Bologna (Italy), where I also received my Ph.D. in Geology and MSc in Marine Environmental Sciences in 2012 and 2008, respectively. I am Associate Editor of Marine and Petroleum Geology and Frontiers in Earth Sciences – Marine Geosciences

Research interests:

  • Evolution and Significance of cold seepage systems
  • Biogeochemistry of methane-derived authigenic carbonates
  • Geophysical imaging of fluid flow features
  • Sediment dynamics along continental margins
  • Sedimentology of tsunamis and extreme waves

I am a broadly trained marine geoscientist, with my core research interests at the intersection of sedimentology, biogeochemistry, and geophysics. Most of my research focuses on the multidisciplinary study of fluid flows in sedimentary basins, with a personal interest in methane seepage.
My main efforts are oriented to obtain a clear understanding of the processes governing fluid and sediment emission at the surface, a fundamental aspect to evaluate cold seeps impact on human communities and natural ecosystems, and to properly consider their role in geological models at local and global scale.


To all UL Lafayette students: Please remember that every Spring you can apply for Scholarships with the School of Geosciences. Do not hesitate to contact me for further information!


Ferdinando Cilenti

BS Geology, University of Naples Federico II, 2017
MS Geology, University of Naples Federico II, 2020

My primary research interests include petroleum systems, reservoir geophysics and field geology. I am currently working on a quantitative analysis of a fault-controlled cold seep/hydrate system (CSHS) over a temporal window of approximately 20 years, through 4D time-lapse seismic imaging techniques and principles.

Grace L Stone

BS Geology, University of Southern Indiana, 2017
MS Geology, UL Lafayette, 2019

My primary interests include geochemistry, sedimentology, sequence stratigraphy, and field geology.  I am currently working on the genesis and architecture of Mass Transport Deposit in the Gulf of Mexico. I combine the analysis of high-resolution 3D seismic data with AUV-borne Chirp sub-bottom profiles from different fields.

Precious Efereta Batubo

BS Geology & Mining, Godfrey Okoye University, 2016
MS Geology, UL Lafayette, 2021

In co-supervision with Gabriele Morra


Juliet C Aralu

BS Geology University of Lagos, Nigeria, 2016
MS Geology, UL Lafayette, ‘22

I started graduate school at UL Lafayette in the spring ’21 semester. Before grad school, I worked as a Geologist and Seismic interpreter at an oil and gas consulting firm (Degeconek) in Nigeria. My primary research interests include Petroleum Geology, Sedimentology and CCUS. I am currently working on the analysis of sub-circular depressions formed in the Gippsland basin, SE Australia.


John Blanchard

BS Petroleum Geology, UL Lafayette, 2021
MS Petroleum Geology, UL Lafayette

I am currently working on my Master’s Degree in Petroleum Geology. My primary research interests include reservoir geophysics, sedimentology, and petroleum systems. My current research involves the characterization of the seafloor geomorphology within offshore Lebanon, in the Eastern Mediterranean, using bathymetry data.

Gracie Babineaux

BS Geology, UL Lafayette, 2020
MS Geology, UL Lafayette

My primary research interests include sedimentology, marine geology, and deep-sea sedimentation. I am currently researching the variability of methane release from a seafloor cold seep at Woolsey Mound in the Gulf of Mexico. Using a combination of geochemical and biostratigraphy data collected from sediment cores, I am hoping to better understand the seeps’ role in the global carbon cycle. 


Mary “Katie” Fearn, MS Geology, 2019 – Now at Shell

Cyle Chapman, MS Petroleum Geology, 2020 – Now at the Bureau of Ocean and Energy Management (BOEM)

Kristen Holmes, MS Petroleum Geology, 2021 – Now at Oceaneering

Ernest Antwi, MS Geology, 2021 – Now Ph.D. student at UL Lafayette

Mandi Lalonde, MS Petroleum Geology, 2021