Sedimentary Basins Research Group @ UL Lafayette
Dr Davide Oppo, Assistant Professor of Sedimentology, leads the Sedimentary Basins Research Group at UL Lafayette

Welcome to the Sedimentary Basins Research Group
School of Geosciences – University of Louisiana at Lafayette

SBRG’s research focuses on two main themes: (1) formation and evolution of cold seepage systems, and (2) sediment dynamics along continental margins.

We use a multidisciplinary approach that includes everything between field survey and seismic data interpretation

What we're up to:

With the start of the new Academic Year, we are continuing to showcase the SBRG work. This time it was Cyle’s turn. He had a great time at the AAPG Student Expo in Houston, presenting some of his thesis research on the seismic interpretation of SW Gippsland Basin, Australia.

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I am so glad to announce that the first graduate of my research group here at the School of Geosciences has been amazing at presenting her work on the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale at the AAPG ACE 2019! And now she’s heading out to a full time job at Shell in New Orleans! Great start for… Read More

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After a little bit of time, I’m pleased to see on-line the paper I was working on during the last year! Together with Martin Hovland, we used multi-channel 3D and 2D seismic data to investigate the role of methane seepage during the initial phase of growth of isolated carbonate build-ups in the NW offshore of… Read More

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I can certainly say that the GSA 2018 Annual Meeting in Indianapolis has been a success for the Sedimentary Basins Research Group! Great work of all my attending students in presenting their research results to a varied and a numerous number of attendees. Next step, AGU 2018 in Washington DC!  

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It’s almost time to pack for the 2018 GSA Meeting in Indianapolis! A new student poster has been added to the list: Grace Stone*, Raphael Gottardi and Davide Oppo (2018) – A Geochemical Analysis of the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale (Upper Cretaceous) Core Recovered from Eads Poitevent et al. #1 Do not forget to have look also… Read More

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Let’s welcome Zachary Lukaszeski in our group! Zachary got his BS in Geological Engineering from the University of Mississippi (2013) and soon after he started working for Halliburton as a logging geologist in the deep water Gulf of Mexico. Zachary is now pursuing a MS in Petroleum Geology at the School of Geosciences of UL Lafayette. His thesis project will investigate… Read More

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Student research opportunities

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