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Dr. Davide Oppo

Pioneer Production Endowed Professor of Geology

I am a broadly trained marine geoscientist, with my core research interests at the intersection of sedimentology, biogeochemistry, and geophysics.
Most of my research focuses on the multidisciplinary study of methane and other cold seeps.

I want to obtain a clear understanding of the processes governing fluid emission at the surface, a fundamental aspect to evaluate cold seeps’ impact on human communities and natural ecosystems, and to properly consider their role in geological models at the local and global scales.


Ferdinando Cilenti

BSc Geology, 2017
MSc Geology, 2020

Energy systems, Reservoir geophysics, Field geology

Gracie Babineaux

BSc Geology, 2020
MSc Geology, 2022

Sedimentology, Marine geology
NSF Graduate Fellow

Precious Batubo

BSc Geology&Mining, 2016
MSc Geology, 2021

Machine Learning, Tsunami
PI: Dr. G. Morra


Abigail Watson

BSc Geology, 2021
MSc Geology, 2023

Sedimentology, Geophysics

Juliet C Aralu

BSc Geology, 2016
MSc Geology, 2022

Energy Geology, Sedimentology, CCUS

Bibi Aseeya Mohamed

BSc Geology, 2021
MSc Geology, 2024


Margaret Dittman

BSc Geology, 2022
MSc Geology, 2024



Former Students

Mandi Lalonde

MSc Geology, 2021

Kristen Holmes

MSc Geology, 2021

Ernest Antwi

MSc Geology, 2021
Ph.D. student

Cyle Chapman

MSc Geology, 2020

Mary ‘Katie’ Fearn

MSc Geology, 2019